Diversions By Name

Academics and Research Networks

British Sociological Association

Centre for Mobilities Research (CeMoRe)

Cosmobilities Network

David C. Lam Institute for East-West Studies

Edward Tufte – how to enhance the value of data by visualizing it creatively and effectively

Elizabeth Shove – her work looks at consumption, everyday practice and technology

ESRC Centre for Economic and Social Aspects of Genomics (Cesagen)

Eric Laurier – using video technology and detailed observation, he looks at the specifics of familiar everyday interactions such as going to cafes, family meals and carpooling

Jonathan Sterne – in addition to information about his academic work on sound and communication, his website features a great collection of free articles on professional development issues

Kat Jungnickel – her work examines aspects of design and mobilities, including wifi networks, buses, biking cultures and enquiry machines

Mixed Reality Lab

Pan-American Mobilities Network

Social Change Climate Change Working Parties

Social Research Association

Space and Culture Journal and Blog

Sustainable Practices Research Group

The Center for Genomic Gastronomy – a research center set up to investigate the links between food, culture, ecology and technology – their innovative events are exciting and disturbing at the same time

Artists and Arts Organizations

Brian Dettmer – artist who deconstructs books to reveal something new

David McBride – theater artist interested in the overlaps and interactions between (lighting) technology, acting and movement

Institute of Failure – project dedicated to documenting forms of failure headed by Tim Etchells and Matthew Goulish

Jen Southern – visual/installation/media artist interested in mapping, new media technologies, walking, and how people navigate spaces together

Jeremy Wood – drawings made with GPS

Martyn Joseph – a socially progressive singer/songwriter whose energy onstage is only matched by his passion for supporting good causes

Ministry of Senses – this group’s Reactable is a fascinating technological object that allows anyone to become a DJ instantly

Moxy Früvous – while this band is sadly no longer making music, their tight harmonies and intelligent lyrics still resonate years later (the Gulf War Song could apply to more recent conflicts)

Paula and Karol – music can still be compelling when it is just naive and catchy and fun, as this band proves

Peter Petralia – writer/artist interested in how technology new and old is affecting human connections and senses of where we belong in the world

Plan b – artists with a range of projects from mapping daily data to walking performances

Proboscis – artists invested in communicating people’s stories

Proto-type Theater – a contemporary theater company that manages to incorporate a wide diversity of technologies into their productions while still focusing on relationships, personal connections, cultural influences new and old, and the questions we all wonder about on lazy Saturdays

Ravi Khalsa – an inspiring and sensitive teacher of Argentine Tango who foregrounds not routines but basic steps and how they can be put together

Sachiko Kodama – this artist’s work with ferrous liquids is fascinating and hard to stop watching

Theatrum Orbis Terrarum – artist Marjolijn Dijkman’s series of photos from around the world that are curated around a huge range of emotions

Books That Stayed With Me

Cloud Atlas – David Mitchell

Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World – Harazuki Murakami

Notes at an Exhibition – Patrick Gale

The Lacuna – Barbara Kingsolver

Social Organizations and Discussions

Briarpatch Magazine – independent social commentary

Kiva – a global microfinance community

No caption needed – discussions of photojournalism, culture and democracy

No one is illegal – Canadian immigrant rights activist network

Project censored – Media democracy in action

Pleasant Ways to Waste Time

Amy Krouse Rosenthal – a self-proclaimed ‘person who likes to make things’, Amy had a two-year series of missions that created small interventions of kindness and surprise in the world – to see what they were like you can start here

Ascent Magazine – archives from a Canadian yoga magazine

Chart Porn – all kinds of knowledge, communicated through great charts

Cowbird – a community with many beautiful stories

Dear Photograph – pictures from the past in the present

How to steal like an artist – ideas for becoming more creative

Idea Couture – if you have ever wondered how the social sciences, design, and business could be brought closer together, take a look at what this company is doing

Improv Everywhere – an improv collective creating unexpected moments in public spaces

Information is Beautiful – visualizing data in beautiful ways

LEGO Serious Play – I had an opportunity to participate in a workshop using LEGO serious play and now I wish there were more opportunities to incorporate LEGO into adult life

Lizzie Bennet Diaries – a contemporary retelling of Pride and Prejudice via videoblog

Passive Aggressive Notes

PhD Comics – here Jorge Cham portrays PhD students and academic life well – almost too well

The Vinyl Cafe – Stuart McLean’s radio show and podcast is filled with good Canadian music, stories that are funny and touching in their portrayal of everyday family life, and every year they give out the ‘Arthur Awards’ for people who do very ordinary things that make a big difference in someone else’s everyday life

This American Life – this amazing radio show and podcast tells fascinating and compelling stories, week after week

Unphotographable – traces of the moments that got away and the photographs that were never taken

VlogBrothers – by sending each other videoblogs, John and Hank Green have developed a whole community that thinks being nerdy is awesome

Wet Markets in Hong Kong – a geography class at Hong Kong University, led by Megan Blake, created this interesting site that covers the history and life of Hong Kong’s fresh fruit and vegetable markets

xkcd Comics – Randall Munroe’s very smart (and nerdy) takes on life

Zen Habits – Leo Babauta’s site with resources on how to build a simpler life