Diversions By Theme

Instead of providing a traditional list of links, I thought it might be interesting to experiment with the unpredictable and unexpected associations that can lead to new discoveries. Therefore the following list contains links arranged by theme. While the websites in question have content that goes beyond one simple theme, I have randomly chosen something that stood out to me in the hopes that it might intrigue your own explorations. If you find this experiment interesting, I’d be happy to hear your comments and feedback.

Beautiful images for all kinds of ideas

Become attached to people you have never met

Bike culture vs. Bus culture

Biotechnology and societies

Book ‘bones’ of a sort

Building solutions one tiny brick at a time

Changes in everyday life

Conversations in cars and cafes

Creativity can be yours too

Cultures of food

DJ in a day

Doing strategic innovation differently

Drawing pictures as I move

Drunk on the lawn in a nuclear dawn my senses finally blurred

Everyone deserves a life

Fiercely independent ideas

Fun ways to think about the problem of climate change

He hates PowerPoint too

How an academic career works

How people move with technology

How technology might still change our lives

Ideas across spaces and cultures

If spaces could feel emotions

I’m on my way, I’m running, loving, stumbling on my way

Learning about society

Learning about research

Learning dance like a language

Light and perception

Lives as artful data

Love and marriage in the 21st Century

Making art via Skype

Missions to make magic happen

Moving, magnetic sculptures

MP3 format and communication

Need some peace in your life?

Nerdy songs and social observations

News you didn’t see on the news

Observing PhDs in the wild

Once and awhile we all fail

Science + Life + Cartoons


Smog tasting or glowing sushi, anyone?

Spend an hour hearing about the lives of others

Story Cubes

Strangers, friends and technologies that bind

Studying a world on the move – One, Two, Three

Sustainability and everyday life

Tell me a story

The words behind the pictures

They did what where?

Using your resources to help others

Visualizing data

What about the cities we live in?

What that place looks like today

Why not overshare?

Words about pictures

Writing what you can’t say