I am currently a Lecturer in the Department of Sociology at Lancaster University. My work focuses upon understanding social transformation as a consequence of multiple, intertwined practices. For me, this involves pushing back against discussions of ‘individuals’ and ‘consumers’ that fail to provide adequate descriptions of how social life proceeds, considering the spatio-temporal dynamics and mobilities inherent in all practices, and taking seriously the challenge of making the links between everyday practices and complex, interconnected, globally-dispersed systems.

I am particularly interested in developing contemporary theories of practice – considering how they relate to methodology and the production of knowledge, exploring their relationship with actor-network theory and science and technology studies, and articulating the opportunities they provide for approaching social problems from new directions.

My empirical work has contributed to understandings of travel that link the mobilities of multiple things (e.g. people and objects), challenge disciplinary boundaries (e.g. tourism or migration and everyday travel), and establish how moving around emerges out of complex sets of shared and negotiated practices (e.g. household coordination of the early evening period). My research has also explored new ways of understanding energy demand and involvement in the creative sector.

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If you have questions, would like to discuss anything I have raised here, or would be interested in finding opportunities to work together, please get in touch: a.hui(at)lancaster.ac.uk

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