Household coordination research – seeking participants

It is exciting to be starting the interviews for our DEMAND Research project on everyday life and energy use. I always learn so much from speaking to people about their lives and experiences – and in this project hope to find participants with quite different household types, professions and working patterns (including retirement/unemployment), leisure activities and class backgrounds. I’ll be speaking to people about how they coordinate their activities and their use of energy services like heating.

It was good fun trying to stage photos that would help suggest the kind of coordination dynamics we are interested in discussing. After some experiments and discussion, here is the result:

Interview Recruitment poster

More information about the project and what participation involves can also be found here: Household research study participant information

Update: 13 July 2017

Many thanks to all of the people who have already participated in this research – it has been really helpful to hear about your experiences.

I am still hoping to learn more about a few specific types of experiences:

  • People whose coordination is affected by tight finances
  • People who regularly take part in weekday (Mon-Fri) religious activities
  • People who have at least one child aged 10+
  • People who have adult children (19+) still living at home
  • Someone living in a shared house

If you are interested in speaking with me about any of these experiences, please get in touch!