Practice Theory Methodologies

In 2016, Hilmar Schäfer and I launched a blog, in conjunction with a special panel at the DEMAND International Conference in Lancaster, UK, dedicated to discussions of practice theories and methodologies. Our aim was to create a space for more explicitly discussing how practice theories are being used and developed in relation to specific methodological strategies, approaches, and concerns. By curating a set of blog posts from varied contributors, we hope to provide opportunities to share experiences and discuss key issues related to studying social life in conjunction with the use of practice theories. We welcome proposals for new contributions to the blog, and would be equally interested to hear if you have found it a useful resource.

Our contributors include:

  • Theodore Schatzki
  • Stefan Hirschauer
  • Elizabeth Shove
  • Frank Hillebrandt
  • Alison L. Browne
  • Stefan Laube
  • Cecily Maller and Yolande Strengers
  • Tobias Rohl
  • Jo Mylan and Dale Southerton
  • and more…

You can find the blog at