Public Engagement

photo by Paolo Schubert via Wikimedia Commons; This photo is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

In addition to traditional academic publishing, I am committed to public engagement –  presenting both research findings and professional skill-building techniques to a range of public audiences. I have experience with live television and radio interviews, as well as presentations for small and large groups.

Websites and Blogs

Hui, A (2017-present). Demanding Energy. (book promotion site including animated trailer)

Hui, A and Shove, E (Eds) (2017-present). The Nexus of Practices. (book promotion and growing archive of theoretical resources)

Hui, A and Schäfer, H (Eds) (2016-present). Practice Theory Methodologies. (curated ongoing blog posts)

Hui, A (2016). Guest blog post: Curating and reflecting upon a mobile interdisciplinary field. Centre for Mobilities Research Blog, 14 March,

Public Exhibition

Hui, A and Shove, E (producers). (2014). Heating, cooling, lighting: what is energy for? Presented as part of Lancaster University’s ‘Campus in the City’, St. Nicholas’ Arcades, Lancaster, UK (3-4 April). More information available here

Theatrically Staged Public Lecture and Exhibition of Ideas

Hui, A (presenter and contributor). (2011). In E Shove et al. Social Change Climate Change Extraordinary Lecture and Exhibition of Ideas. British Library Conference Centre, London (17 January). Video of the lecture available here; lecture transcript available hereexhibition of ideas resources available here

Newspaper and Magazine Articles

Hui, A and Shove, E (2013). All this talk about lights hides bigger energy challenges. The Conversation UK (online), published 13 Nov.

Hui, A, Shove, E, and Walker G (2013). School holiday shake-up brings unintended consequences. The Conversation UK (online), published 24 Oct.

Hui, A (2012). Travelling communities: reflections on researching patchwork quilting. The Quilter (quarterly magazine of the Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles) No. 131, Summer, 20-21. publisher’s sitepublished version [This article appeared in the Summer 2012 issue of The Quilter, the membership magazine of The Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles:]


Hui, A (producer). (2013-). DEMAND Centre Soundcloud soundbites featuring over a dozen academics (ongoing)

Hui, A (writer/presenter). (2013). Short Social Stories 1 – What do you take with you? (31 July)

Hui, A (writer/presenter). (2013). Short Social Stories 2 – When objects don’t fit in (31 July)

Hui, A (writer) and Li, K (writer/presenter). (2013). Short Social Stories 3 – Migrant photos (31 July)

Hui, A (presenter). (2011). Starting a writing group. Podcast of the BSA PG Forum.  (11 January)

Hui, A (presenter). (2010). Exercising and using your voice. Video podcast of a BSA PG Forum Workshop, Glasgow Caledonian University. (6 April)

Hui, A (interviewer). (2010). PG Focus Climate & Society Special 1 (pt.3) – Is society missing? Elizabeth Shove in conversation with Allison Hui. Podcast of the BSA PG Forum. (9 March)

Hui, A (interviewer). (2010). PG Focus Climate & Society Special 1 (pt.1) – Low carbon futures and mobilities: John Urry in conversation with Allison Hui. Podcast of the BSA PG Forum. (16 February)

Radio Interview

Hui, A (guest). (2009). Leisure Pleasure. Thinking Allowed, Laurie Taylor (host), BBC Radio 4. (17 June). available online

Online Media

Short interview as part of the ‘What is Mobilities?’ series produced by Concordia University’s Mobile Media Lab:

Policy Briefings

Hui, A. (2013). How can return migrants’ everyday lives inform progressive immigration policies in Hong Kong? Policy Briefing Note, David C. Lam Institute for East-West Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University.